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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Flashlight, Color screen light, torch, with strobe and message/sign display.

Find your way in the dark, or be found! Original Droid interactive light and sign-board. Simply TAP screen to open controls. New York Times "10 Must Have Android Apps" honorable mention, "DroidLight (free; its a flashlight, a strobe light or a message board in a crowded club indispensable."

User friendly, interactive light UI. Easier and more intuitive interface than competitors. Just a few clicks instead of many. Use at theaters, clubs, bars, graduations, and other dark areas. Use light for astronomy, stargazing, reading, viewing maps, finding lost/dropped articles, color marker in a crowded room, hailing a cab/taxi, and general sign board. Excellent night light. Uses device camera LED as a flashlight/torch.

Signs great at airports when picking up guests. Shuttle and limo drivers, no need to carry around a pen and paper for name signs anymore.

Many other publishers have used the "Droid Light" name. This is the original. A must have app if you frequently club or go out with friends. Over 100,000 active happy users. If you don't understand this app or are inclined to leave negative feedback, it is likely a indication of your social life.

Also available ad-free. Search for Droid Light.


- Flashlight, Light, and Torch (Screen or most Camera LEDs)

- Multi-Color Screen Light with interactive adjustment interface

- Variable Screen Light Strobe with interactive adjustment interface

- Digital Billboard/Messaging/Text Sign

- Simulated Police light for parties

- Quick screen color preset buttons

- Screen Brightness Control

- Flickering Candle for concerts or other events

- Optimized for Android v2.2 or later

- Allows installation/movement to device SD Card

- Process stops/ends on exit so as to not use battery or device resources

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Version History:

v 3.1

- Updated Erase/Clear Message button.

- Added Mirror Text button.

- Updated AdMob SDK.

v 3.0

- Added Camera LED Flashlight support.

v 2.0

- Added message persistence between application closings to avoid redundant data typing during regular use.

- Added new user initial instructions message.

- Corrected display issue with messages starting with "J".

v 1.9.1

- Corrected app exit issue on back arrow.

- Optimized App memory footprint.

v 1.8.3

- Added SD Card installation option.

v 1.8.1

- Improved Police/Emergency light strobe mode.

v 1.8.0

- Added Color preset buttons.


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System Requirements:

No special requirements

Droid Light 3.1 Free Download screenshot